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Poetry Critic is a sister community to writingcritic and follows the same basic guidelines of freedom of speech and respect. Poetry Critic exists for discussion of poems and works in progress as well as general discussion of the art of poetry and general community interaction. Your maintainer is kwpdb8...feel free to contact her with any questions or concerns.

Posting guidelines:
-Any free-verse, structured, experimental, slam or whatever else kind of poetry is completely welcome. You need make no apologies for explicit language, adult topics, or other madness, but be aware that several of our members are under 18, so under LJ's conduct rules, anything that's too adult should definetely be lj-cut and have a warning. By posting here, you are implicitly asking for criticism on your work, good and bad, so if you just want people to pat your back, then tell us you don't want criticism. Please use the lj-cut tag on works longer than about 10 lines or so, in order to keep the look of the community neat and orderly (see the LiveJournal FAQ for information on how to use LJ tags).
-No community promotions. Period, end of story.

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