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A Needed Ending

I’ve been climbing this high mountain

The risen end’s just steps away

But something makes me want to stop

Should I give up what I have got?


I’m happy with what I now have

I’m pleased with the mountain’s first half

Why must I reach the higher side

And leave everything here behind?


Better chances, they wait for me

So I’ll go though unwillingly

I just need a little more time

To bid my friends my last goodbye


This scrapbook of mine I call “Life”

Used to have only black and white

But colors came and made rainbows

Gave happiness I’ve never known


At the times when the pages turned gray

They’d come and chase the gloom away

I wish they will be at the peak

So that I’ll be helped when I’m weak


Pictures I’ve taken from my mind

I do hope will last a lifetime

In that way, some pages can’t be

Somehow a little unhappy


It seems I’ve reached the last page

So another book, I must make

Another mountain lies ahead

Must continue the life I’ve led


Reaching the peak is not as good

As starting on the mountain’s foot

But for a better beginning

I need this bittersweet ending


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