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D.isreguarded E.motional M.ess
I don't know what the truth sounds like
storytellers like you tend to leave that part out
I know the real you
the liar
the user
the one who spoke the 3 most honest words
anyone could speak;
with such a lying tone in your voice
from years of lies
my ears are still overflowing
your masterplan was already planned out
the first night we met
you let me fall in love with you
sucked my life out of me with your kiss
your addictions made me weak
you were secretly smiling
while tears rolled down my cheeks
(another "give-in" on my part)
you left me alone in poka-dot sheets
to start a new chapter
while you left our story unfinished
broken avenues leave the courts silent these days
our past fits perfectly in a box marked "breakable"
elmers glue can't fix things this time...
those pictures didn't lie my friend...
only you did...
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