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Edit: Of all things I forgot to introduce myself! Whoops! I'm Micah and I love poetry and literature and among other things I'm studying Literature for A levels at college. I write poetry in my spare time and this year I've started a poetry journal, I'm collecting my favorite poems I find over the year (so natrually none of my own) and am copying them down into a beautiful journal. It's my project for the year and potentially a nice gift for someone next Christmas. Anyway, here's my first poem I'll post which I wrote after a nasty break up a few months ago:

Can a tear drink in silence?

Or does a torrent silence the tears?


Is a broken heart forever shattered?

Or does chasing freedom break an old man’s back?


How can eyes weep with such sorrow?

Or does a small girl’s cry ease her pain?


Can a single soul see another one suffer?

Or does a dying planet feel remorse for its killers?


Is a hand cold at the touch?

Or does a skeletal hand force you to submit?


Does silence pierce the heart like a knife?

Or does the flesh scream an inaudible lament?


Can you tell me if you love me?

An aching heart is life’s greatest sting.

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