simplicitywaits (simplicitywaits) wrote in poetrycritic,

new to this..

well i'm pretty new to this whole thing, i only became a member of lj today, so feel free to add me and come talk?
i'm still figuring this whole thing out :)

so anyway, i figured i'd leave one of mine anyway
i origionally write them as songs, just so you know.

(currently) Untitled.

Im sick of this character im playing
Im through with who im supposed to be
Ive hidden behind this mask too long
Im trying to figure out, who is really me.

I've broken into a thousand tears befor
And i've called out in the thunder of the night
Screaming at the stars above me
Just trying to find my tunnels light

Looking to the shadowed distance
The silky blades of grass at my feet
And im wondering how I got here
Why did I give in to my defeat

Ive discovered so many untold secrets
Just by the quiteness of my mind
Listening to the songs around me
The lyrics to the verses that I cant find

The changes seem to move so fast
And its unpredictability is like a mask
of its effection hidden beneath the skin
Trying to break free, from all its fucking sin.

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