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Critique/comments please :) (x-posted)

Haven't posted here in a while, haven't written in a while... getting back in the game :) Please feel free to check out my journal for more! (poetry only)

Things I believe in
© Juliette Nash 2007

I’m wishing on a star I named for you
Placing my dreams in your empathy
Surround me like the night sky
Be that light in the darkness
And guide me through
Just love me
Say you’ll love me

I won’t ask you
So read my mind
Tease apart stuck pages
Ignore when I try to hide
And read me til you know me
Just get me
Say you get me

I’m wishing on a star I named for you
My nights without you are moonless
Nothing but fireflies to remind me
I catch your scent as they fly by
See your eyes in their glow
And I miss you
And I get you
And I,


I’m wishing on a star…

A two day old kiss still warm on my lips
That prevents my breath from frosting over
As I whisper your name to the night


Of all I believe in, I might never have believed


Our choices…

I will.
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