You may call me Jen. (inliquidwonder) wrote in poetrycritic,
You may call me Jen.

I Became

Hello, group.  I haven't posted here yet, so I thought I'd give it a try.  If you like my work, feel free to check me out: this account is only for poetry. :)

I Became

You may not believe
My words, but I
Have become the master of
A universe.

It happened quickly -
You'd think such power
Would require ages, and
Piles of sages and tomes,

But no, it is only revolution:
Recomposition of thoughts,
Of sight, of light that
Begins when you live wrong.

Enough rhetoric! My
Friend, who reads, who
Seeks to peak into this,
Into my throne.

It began with a void.
It rose with failure.
It bred on lost love.
It ached from abuse.

Composed, this creature
Strove to be in love
To win, to learn, but
Came up evershort.

That is, until all that
Everwas and everwill

Breathless, I turned on
The light of my dark -
The switch of death and
Deaths gone, and saw.

I rectified the unknown
Of mine and yours
In that gift of insight,
Caught my soul, and held it.

No, I clenched it! Sucked
Up the heaven like a syphon
To find it never ran dry, that
My insatiable truth poured

I found words paltry.
I found romance fake.
I found my Creator
And We agreed.

Removed from this and here,
I meditate to live. When
I leave it all, it is just
Returning home.
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